Real Talk w/ DJ Rudedogg


DJing comes with a lot of perks and cool moments, talk about the crazy things you’ve got to see and famous people you have met throughout your career?
Craziest thing I’ve seen DJing was some girl giving felatio on the dancefloor by the DJ stage. People I’ve Djed concerts and parties for are Drake, Mack Maine, Lil Wayne, Crime Mob, Three 6 Mafia, Mishon, YG , New Boyz, , Real n Chance From MTV, Trina, Yung LA, VIC, Chris Brown, Tanya Stephens, UB40’s Ali Campbell, Don Carlos, Keak Da Sneak, DMX , Tyga, Brian Mcknight, Trey Songz, Ray J, DMC of Run DMC, Mr Fab, Terrel Owens Party, Akon, Big Tigger and 2 Chainz.

I’m guessing a DJ goes through many transitions in a career. Talk about the cool aspects and the readjustments you had to endure during these transitions from the time you an aspiring DJ just trying to make it, to the moment you established yourself.

Yes DJs goes through many transitions from venues to genres of music, from getting screwed to being appreciated. thanking heavenly father for the little skills im blessed with, continuing to hone on my skills from remixing music and re-editing vids to showmanship and being able to spin all kinds of music incorporating music videos and effects. 

When did you finally feel like you had settled in to a pretty successful career as a DJ?
I haven’t really settled on the fact that I’m yet a successful DJ. there are personal goals I’m reaching for to get to that point where i can finally say im successful. 

Career Highlights?

one of the highlights I can remember was being called at 1130pm to DJ at Pipeline cafe, I didn’t know what it was for but got up got dressed, and to my surprise, it was super packed and everybody was waiting for a DJ to start spinning….next thing I know I’m spinning for the Chris Brown after party with his DJ and Chris Brown dancing on stage putting on a good show!

Low lights?

A low light was spinning for this promoter who claimed to have a Hurricane Chris concert at
Pipeline Cafe, and took the money and left and never paid anybody for their service.

How do you feel when you come across a new DJ who does his thing but isn’t so much a student of the art form and is a little too cocky for their own good. If you knew that individual, would you advice them to conduct themselves in a little more humble manner?
I feel that those DJs were taught wrong or didn’t have a mentor to teach them about being humble, its goes with anything else from football to basketball, to being a rapper or a DJ. New cocky DJs my advice is to be humble. cockiness only brings in negativity and everybody else hating on you.

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