Real Talk w/ DJ Timo

DJ pic 1

Was getting your own show at KTUH the first step that led to Djing in Chinatown? What were the steps that followed?

Music has been my passion since a young age, I always wanted to become a DJ even when I was growing up in Taiwan with the influence of my mom, she was also a radio host at one point. I bought my first pair of turntables back in 2004, and started to play around at home. I popped into Toogruvz one day in 2007 for some records, and Mark Chittom was working there at the time, we talked music and clicked right away. I applied to KTUH in 2008, and I fell in love with the radio and really excited to be able to share music that I love with people. thirtninehotel offered me a job in 2008, and Mark Chittom and Gelareh made me their resident DJ in 2009, and gave me opportunities to learn and grow, and many other venues and promoters in Chinatown started to book me. I also got to play at the Edition Hotel when they first opened and held a residency there for 10 months; the journey with Honolulu has been pretty amazing!

Talk about all the awesome things Djing and being part of Chinatown nightlife has provided for you?

Honolulu is not like other major cities in the world, we have a tight community, I enjoy playing music, making people dance and being part of the Chinatown nightlife, it has given me many opportunities to meet great musicians, fellow DJs and other like-minded individuals.

Is the entertainment at Bevy just live DJs? What other additions can people expect at Bevy in the near future?

We have DJs on the weekends, some great talented DJs on this island, and also special guests from out of town sometimes. We’ll be starting live music this spring on a regular basis, and would love to have some interesting and original stuff for the people.

On a professional level, does the responsibilities as a business owner take some of the time and energy away from music and Djing or have you been able to remained dedicated to both?

It’s definitely been a big challenge to be a business owner, many responsibilities and tasks to take on. The years of work experiences at thirtyninehotel come in handy and I’m still learning something new everyday thru Bevy. I’m trying to balance out my time for both DJing and Bevy, I actually started to have time to get into more music now days,and learning how to play guitar and start producing tracks soon. The good thing is I get to listen to my records nowadays when I’m doing work for Bevy.

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