Real Talk w/ Russoul


Get us up to speed on projects you make be working on for Asylum Confidential.
So far I have been working on a e.p. with the label which this e.p. will be featuring remixes by my Philly friends. Also on a original track with Dozeguise (Zane & Higher Concept) which will be release later on this year. Also I’ve been working on a original with Loic Tambay, Higher Concept, Jimmy Lee. Hopefully later on in the year it will be getting release. As for releases, I have 2 coming out this month with Waska Records. “Being Disciplined” will be out on Beatport on Jan.27th and “Guilty as Charged” will be out also on Beatport on Waska Records.

Talk about some of your experiences playing outside of Hawaii that have helped shape you as a DJ and producer.

Last year I got play a lot outside of Hawaii. I got play at one of the after parties for the Movement Festival in Detroit, to playing at Avalon Hollywood to Primary Chicago just name a few spots. Playing at these spots was amazing because I got to dj plus showcase my production work as well as the crew. Being able to see that your track is working in those major clubs in the US is an awesome thing to see because you know that it’s working everywhere you go besides Hawaii.Also playing outside of Hawaii has also show me about what each city is doing with the music and sounds. But at the end of the day, despite what genre it is, these promoters or crews I play for shares the same common goal that we have here at asylum which to bring and make good quality music. That’s what matters the most.

Being around creative, like-minded people is priceless. Specifically how has being around the Asylum DJs helped you hone in on your own dreams of making music?
Being around them has helped me a lot. They will help me out whenever I would have a question or even give me constructive feedback on my production work. They will push me and also believe in me when I work on music. When they start to believe in you, it starts to give a some confidence which in producing you really need. Once from there you start to trust your work flow from there and things starts to pan out and at the end you have a track done and ready to go. Once it’s done, then it’s off to the next project and so forth and so forth. Because of this, I’m able to bang out tracks on a weekly basis and also work on collaboration projects with the crew. This group has given me the opportunity to finally live the dream that I’ve been really working hard for over a decade now.

What is a bigger thrill, seeing a crowd full of people you know go crazy during your set or playing for a crowd you aren’t as familiar with?
Usually at asylum, I will open the night. So I will get some people who are about it and people who are new and want to see something different. Then when I headline a party, I will play peak which already the place is pack. I really like to challenge myself, so playing in front of people who don’t know about, but comes up to you at the end of your set and said it was dope to hear something new is definitely awesome feeling compare to playing to a pack floor.Turning on new people to the this type of music is awesome.

Are you a favorite or an underdog?
I think that I’m neither a favorite nor a underdog. I just want to stay humble and enjoy all the moments when the time happens. Yes it took over a decade to finally get to where I need to go, but everything is based on time If the timing happen, it will happen. Having the patience and working hard from the bottom up makes these moments much more rewarding because you know how hard you have to work to get there. And of course once you get there is when you really want to make the most opportunities from it and enjoy the rewards that you work hard for.

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