Real Talk w/ DJ Infamous Styles


Out of 100 percent. What percent do you dedicate to the crowd, to yourself and own personal tastes in music and to the club owner/venue?
I would say 70% for the crowd and 30% for me. most of the time i like to play to the crowd but sometimes I like to do me and mix it up a little. So I wouldn’t be the same as the DJ that plays the same hits. That’s how people know you cause the certain way you DJ and pick and mix songs.

Talk about the busiest time of your DJ career and how it compares to your schedule now.

I would have to say this year has been the busiest cause I’ve sometimes been working 14 days straight because I work for everyone, but now its slowing down cause there are a lot of upcoming DJs undercutting for $50 or less.

Networking is everything these days. How has networking in Hawaii and outside of Hawaii helped you. What has your recent networking efforts taught you?

Everyone outside of Hawaii that had made it has told me networking is the most important thing to be successful. You never know how the other person can help you. Hawaii is small compare to the mainland and the mainland is kinda the next level to be at.

What are some things you might do that other DJs may not?

Well I try to be different by being unpredictable so people don’t get bored with the music and the energy is like a roller coaster ride. Hopefully everyone that is there has a good time.

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