Real Talk w/ @DJHapaboy


What were some of your hobbies before DJing and When did DJ become a serious thing for you?

Before DJing I spent my free time playing Semi-Pro football in and out of local leagues. Like Djing, I have a true passion for the sport and I love the adrenalin it brings me to Ball So Hard! DJing became serious to me the moment I spent all my money on my equipment when I began. lol. Once I made my first transition while mixing, That was it, I was on a mission.

Talk about how you got involved in nightlife and eventually into Djing?

My AGN brothers Thaddeus Park and Chris Meheula brought me into the nightlife as a Videographer /editor for their club events. This eventually led to me becoming a promoter with AGN. As I was learning the nightlife I also always kept a close eye on all the djs we hired, learning what to do and what not to do. Nothing but a lot of practice, I slowly eased my way into the DJ side of the nightlife.

How did you get involved with Skull Candy?

I’ve always used and repped Skullcandy from the beginning. When I got the chance to do so legitimently, I took it and ran! The Logo is on everything I own, and I drop skullcandy press 24/7. Its so easy for me to market beause the products are so awesome. Thanks to Ernie Yagi, he got myself and Artist Groove Network “Bringing The Noise” where ever we go!

How have you improved as a DJ to the point where you can really showcase your abilities?

I’ve noticed a lot of DJ’s now days are one sided towards their music selection, sticking to a certain genre just because. To me, being a DJ is not just playing music, especially since “playing music” is so user friendly, but it’s about entertaining ANY crowd and putting on a show. When I perform I naturally vibe with my own music. If I can’t dance to my own beat, why the hell would anyone else want to is the way i see it. Every time I DJ I learn a thing or two from the crowd, and they O.E.N.O.

How important is genuine support to you?

Any support for something that I love to do is always appreciated. That moment someone random comes up to me and tells me how good my set was or how much fun they had at one of my events is the best fuel to my fire. I know exactly who genuinely supports me and I’m more than thankful and blessed to have those people behind me than anything else. Those people help me go above and beyond.

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