Real Talk w/ DJ Coondog


What’s a coondog and what does a coondog need to survive? 

(haha) Well Coon is my last name, straight up.  I probably have a dozen family members that have acquired “CoonDog” as their nickname in their life, so I just rolled it over as a DJ moniker.  To survive CoonDog just needs bass music
and my She-Coon.  

Scene pet peeve?

The Hawaii scene tends to be a little late on new music, I think its gotten a lot better now then how it was before though.  

What DJs earn your respect?

Anyone who is out there digging for new music and not playing the easy stuff.  People in the studio churning out tracks such as Sandwich Island Bass, Mr. Carmack, all the guys making music at Asylum (Willis Haltom, Russoul, Fathom, Higher Concept), GinoBeat, Vissex, Barcode, Graves, and Abbreviated Daylight. As far DJs who get a top of the hat are: Packo, Mr. Nick, Dallas Debauch, Technique, NightMarcher, Compose, Dee Whizz, pretty much any turntablist out there or people who has a positive attitude. 

What are some complaints of the scene that you may have heard that tend to be totally false to you? 

That EDM events were banned at Kakaako because a Menehune was killed.   

MUCH MORE IN THIS WEEK’S EDITION OF “On The Record” this Wednesday at

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