Real Talk w/ Christian Martin


What is the most gratifying about:
Being part of the Dirtybird family.
It’s allowed me to turn my passion into a career. I would not be anywhere near where I am now without the dirtybird crew!

Traveling the world making crowds go bonkers
Dropping my own productions in my sets and seeing how crowds everywhere react is one of the most gratifying things I can imagine.

Having Justin as a brother.

He has almost a 6th sense for what makes a killer track, so his musical advice is so spot on it’s scary.

What is the longest period of time you could actually go without doing anything related to music?
Hopefully I never have to find that out.

Is there a point during a set that the seriousness of the craft, (the analyzing and reading a crowd) come to an end and the let’s fuckin’ party take over, or is it a party from the jump?
It’s possible to integrate the rational & bonkers party approaches, that is the most satisfying way to rock a room. Ultimately, the people there are expecting a musical ride, so it’s important to earn and build their trust before playing the more challenging and out-there music in my library.

I would consider you underground to the point where the success of your career isn’t really affected by the mainstream. Is that the case? If so how awesome is it to not be affected my the mainstream in the slightest?Has the popularity of EDM in the mainstream had an effect on how often you get booked?
I was DJ’ing full time before the current EDM explosion really took hold, so I guess that is the case. I’m happy to not rely on the mainstream, it’s fickle and very volatile. I’ve increased my bookings steadily.

What is the most awesomest thing about you that some may find odd?
I am a beast when it comes to cooking breakfast. My egg game is ridiculous.

Are you a SF-Bay Area sports fan?
I’m an SF Giants fan for sure! There’s no better place to watch a game than AT&T Park.

What sports or activities did you and your brother compete against the most and who was better at what?

We both skateboarded a lot growing up, but it wasn’t really competitive. I think our age difference has lessened with time, but when we were growing up it was large enough to avoid too much competition.

Plugs. Props. Final thoughts.
Huge props to the Asylum family!! It’s such a pleasure to return to Honolulu and know there’s such a quality party waiting. Eat more greens, drink lots of water, and always wear earplugs!!


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