Real Talk w/ DJ 720


How and when did you decide to implement music videos into your set?
NYE 2011 was the first time I did a live video set. 8 to 10 months Prior to that, I was researching and asking questions and building my library. I took my time and looked to see if video mixing was feasible. I didn’t jump into it when it first came out. I watched my homie DJ Blake do it for years. I then decided to get into the video realm and invested in a MacBook Pro. The rest is history.

How much time does music and Djing in an average week?
 Too much time (lol)!! whew, maybe 4-5 hours between work and gigs. DJing has been slowing down since I’ve been trying to do video at more venues.

Does the popularity of EDM make it even easier to read a crowd?
I would say yes and no. Yes it does make it easier since EDM has influenced popular music and a majority of the big songs out now are sampled or produced by big name EDM artists/producers. I also say No because of the popularity of this genre does create a backlash and depending on the crowd and event or venue, you’re not going to drop every big room anthem to get a crowd hype. EDM always drops new tracks on the daily, so when I want break something new and  underground to a top 40 crowd, it can go sour real fast if I don’t play it at the right time. On the flip side, if I’m playing to a festival crowd, dropping that new radio banger just might not work either.
As a DJ, it is my job to read the floor, decide if the crowd if feeling it or not. Even before hand, doing some homework on the type of event or venue doesn’t hurt either. I think it does help DJs expose a bigger variety of music to the crowd if you play it right and sprinkle enough familiar tracks or samples if it’s a remix to make the crowd feel comfortable.

How do you balance challenging a crowd with catering to them?

 This goes back to my answer in the first question: play the right song at the right moment with aspects of familiarity in it. Be it a remix, a blend/mash-up track or a bootleg that you produced, I would use those tools to help me. Playing open format also helps me out a lot.  

Last words, plugs, shouts.
 Thank you Kalani for always giving love and voice to DJs on the island. To all my KHR, OBC and 808 all stars fam. Shouts to all the Hawaii DJs holding it down and pushing themselves to show the world we got talent on this island.
Crazy Sexy Ghoul October 19th!! Glue every 3rd Friday at Nextdoor!! Crush every 4th Friday at Bar35!! Fridays at Hulas Bar in Waikiki!!

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