Real Talk w/ Superstar Nikki


First gig flashback, blew it or killed it?
My first ever big event besides the weeklies was at MUSHROOM MUSIC FEST in I believe 2010 at pipeline cafe.  It was amazing.  I actually had a bunch of my family there and it very hard to get my family to a EDM event so I felt like I killed it.

Who encouraged you the most early on?  
DJ TIDE, DJ SCARRD and of course G-SPOT.  TIDE and SCARRD are the one’s that came to my house and helped me set up my first set up, giving me instruction on how to DJ. They were the two people that when I was struggling to understand what I was doing they would help me… and without G-SPOT allowing me to plan parties and get to play I wouldn’t have had the chances the first couple years to DJ as much as I did and meet the people I have met over the years that have given me even bigger opportunities like Livewire and Pure Coalition.

What genres of music do you really which ones just make you want to puke?
Genre of choice right now is still HOUSE with a little trance mixed in there…  Over the last year music has progressed so much that there is a fine line now to what type of genre a track actually is.  Music nowadays can take you through so many emotions within just 5 minutes.  So, House is such a general description of the genre… because it could be progressive house, trancy house, electro house. I love them all and I’ll play them all.   Genres that make me puke would be the over played stuff on the radio.

Talk about some of your best and worst times during the DJ learning process?
Worse times I’d say were trying to find my genre.  Besides trying to match beats and figuring out how to use the knobs on the mixer.  I really struggled with what genre I wanted to play. This was in 2009. I was into groovy house music, but i loved every genre, trance, dubstep, breaks and D n B.  I wanted to play it all in one set.  So that the kids who came to our events could be educated in all genres..  DJ SCARRD was the one that pushed me to just take it one genre at a time.  He said it’s hard to mix it up when your first learning it’s going to take you awhile to get just 1 genre so just learn one at a time then develop your mixing skills more to blend other genres.  I really did struggle with this for the first year..  I played whatever I wanted I’m not even sure it was good but I did it anyways until eventually I stuck to just house music.  I would however watch what kind of house I played depending on where I was.. sometimes I’d play more deep house at for instance a BOAY party early time slot, or at night I’d get into electro house..  Best times I’d have to say is when my friends and other DJS give me encouragement and praises before, during and after my sets.    As thankful as I am for party-goers saying what a great set, when a DJ who has way more experience then you and that I heavily respect comes up to you and says what a great set.. I feel like jumping for joy..  DJs know what’s going on up there,  getting the crowd to love what your playing is what makes or breaks you as a DJ.

What’s the best thing about turning nervous energy into confidence?
Every time I play I get just as nervous as if I was playing for the first time in 2009..  I get straight scared right before I’m about to go on…  It doesn’t matter what time I play,  or if I play for 2 people or 2 hundred people I’m nervous, nervous, nervous…  But once I get going, feeling what the crowd wants, or if I’m in a mood playing out my emotions, the music just takes everything away…   by the end of every set I literally feel like screaming “HELL YEAH!!” Because I am grateful for every single time I have had a chance to play and for all the people and promoters that have supported me throughout the years.


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