Real Talk w/ @Massfunk


Talk about your experience as a producer.
I started producing about a year ago learning all the basics of Ableton live through a online school called Point Blank. After taking a couple of courses I started to make a bunch of different tracks in multiple genres of music to see which type of music I would be more comfortable on working with. Surely enough I found that Progressive House, Electro, and Trance were the genres of music that I was most creative in. For a few months all I did was work on music everyday as much as I can trying to lay down ideas for songs or even looking up tutorials on Youtube on how to get your synths and basslines to sound a certain way. It was music non-stop and to this day it still is.

What inspirations would you credit.
I would have to say that my greatest inspiration as a producer would have to be my friend Christian Mochizuki a.k.a. Graves. He is just so humble and passionate about music that all he does 24/7 is work on music. He is one of the hardest working people that I know, always trying perfect his craft and finding new ways to push the boundaries of music. It’s people like Christian who motivates me to work hard and find new ways to push my production game even further.


Everyone these days just throws out the phrase “So and so DJ, killed it.” How does Massfunk “Kill it”?

I would have to define “Killing It” when a DJ is not only able to mix & transition cleanly but also able to keep the crowd that they are playing for on their feet. When I see a DJ play I’m always excited to hear what they have to offer the crowd by playing either new/unreleased songs that the crowd has never heard before, playing mashups & remixes, or to even their choice of song selection. If the DJ can keep the crowd on their feet and be able to have fun while putting out a great vibe and tremendous energy. Then I would have to say that DJ would have “Killed It” in my opinion.

How does the crowd pose a challenge to you and how do you meet the challenge of the crowds you play for?
Every crowd that I have ever played for always challenges me by making me think of how or what would make the crowd dance and how can I make a lasting impression on them. One way I meet this challenge is not only by looking for new music but also by preparing my own edits and mashups before any show. I also like to arrive at a gig an hour to an hour and a half before I have to play to get a feel for the vibe of the event and see how people are reacting to the music that the DJ/DJ’s that are playing before me. When playing I always like to try and keep the attention of crowd on me for the entire time that I’m playing, getting them to participate with the music by singing along or just by having them react somehow and through that they are letting me know that I still have their attention. The way that I would accomplish these things is by not only playing some songs that everybody would know and/or songs that people have never heard of but by also playing mashups and edits of my own or from my friends and other artist’s. Doing so keeps the crowd guessing of what will happen next and that anticipation is what I think will keep a crowds attention on you and the music through out your entire set.

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