Real Talk w/ Tripple Los #HzUp


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If you HAD to put a label on your music, what genre would it go under?

I make music for anyone whos ever felt LIKE ME .. meaning I make music for everyone , Im an artist , so imma make you feel my pain , or feel my happiness , either way u gotta feel me!! Fa’real I aint just talking , I got some s**t to say… from the good to the bad ,pretty all I know , or experience and live is what im speaking on .. you can label my music however you view it , but imma say I make poetic rap music!! lol hip hop/ rap , its just true facts!!

Your Hip hop inspirations?

Man I grew up listening to artists from Wu-tang, Helter-Skelter, UGK, Scarface, Eightball & MJG, Outkast, Pac, Big, you know …. but man, always in my tape deck or Walkman was cats in my city making noise like Scrappy do , or Merc Mob(Merc road), B.D.H (Bonne Doons Hustlers) .. those were a big influence on my music right now to this day!!!

Why did you decide to call the album “Off the Rock?
This is me..saying to folks over the water anywhere, that I’m coming “OFF THE ROCK” in the middle of the Pacific(HI)…that’s where I reside , my fam is , that’s what I represent “THE ROCK” HAWAII and everything with it!!



What is the history of Pinky and the Thumb Entertainment?
Pinky N Thumb Entertainment is a new label in the music game. its actually a sister/brother company to gottho’s . I started that in 2011. P.N.T was actually a song I did off my first mixtape titled “REFLECTIONS” .P.N.T is actually just saying “shaka” but in different words, The shaka always was a staple of Hawaii , so I figure what better way to represent mines to the world . Our goal is to just make good ass music , 1000% real all the way , from the roota to the toota , ya dig !!

Do you prefer writing “feel good” music or music that is more “personal”?

I write music on how im feeling at that time … I love doing feel good , personal , messed up in the head music… its what im feeling at the time , or how that rhythm makes me feel!! When I hit the studio I don’t never have nothing planned ,I know im just going to work like a 9-5 and we gonna do what ever comes up . as long as there’s a vibe going , you know me and my brothers gonna rock it!!

Tell me about the type of reach you want your music to have.

I want my music to reach the whole world … lol … you know, from Australia to New Zealand to Europe to Asia ..from the North Pole to the South Pole.


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