Real Talk w/ DJ Zane



Talk about your friends and support system and how vital they are to the success of Asylum and your creative music visions.

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have the friends that I have. The friends I had when we opened the club are the same friends I have now. I consider myself forunate to be surrounded by friends who are as exicted by this venture as I am. Asylum was built on friendship and a vision, and our business was built on our friendships. At the end of the day, my friends inspire me. They tell me what’s good, they tell me what’s bad, and at the end of the day I’m playing for my friends.

Talk about the bonds you have built musically outside of Hawaii.

Asylum’s given me the opportunity to meet amazing artists who are all masters of their crafts. Artists who are ahead of the game, who charge thousands of dollars for billing elsewhere. They come here, and continue to come here. Must be the aloha spirit.

Most successful people, in any business or industry, have high expectations and have to be a little brash or demanding at times. Would you agree?

Not necessarily. Successful people acknowledge that they are only as strong as their support system. I’m fortunate to have a great group of friends who continue to uplift and support me. While it does take a firm hand, sometimes, to get the job done, my motto is “Under promise and over deliver.” As long as I continue to deliver the bring best electronic music available, I know I’m doing my job.

Best Honolulu nightclubs that should have never closed?
The Wave, duh.

Why have you never lost faith in Hawaii’s music scene?

Because Hawaii produces good music.

Talk about the last time an artist of stature gave you some good advice.

I once asked Juan Atkins, who was one of the first guys to start making techno back in the 80’s, if he had any idea that what he was doing back then would evolve into what it is today…his response to me was…no fucking idea…I just was having fun. That’s what it’s all about for me.

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