Ill Talk w/ DJ Ill Phil


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Where do you fit in the whole landscape of DJs in Hawaii?

I haven’t really thought about where I fit in the DJ scene here. Much respect to our Dj scene, it has such a deep and diverse talent pool, I’m just blessed to be here doing what I do.

What excites you the most about the hip hop scene in Hawaii?

What excites me about the Hip-Hop scene here in Hawaii is that it is so unique and diverse, you can go to a Hip-Hop show and you don’t really know what to expect. The scene has come a long way and I hope one day it will find its place in Hip-Hop history!

Thoughts on the phrases “Turn Up, Turnt Up and Ratchet”?

I think it’s all apart of the culture, it’s always been that way with Hip-Hop. Phrases like “dope, ill, fresh…” have stuck with us and will continue to be apart of the culture.

You represent more of the “urban” side of local hip hop, would you agree? What makes the “urban” side comfortable for you?
I don’t think I can categorize myself as the “urban” side, after all its Hip-Hop. Honestly at times I think our scene is suffering from an identity crisis! Tha homie “Navid Najafi” said it best “We should be really trying to build this Hip Hop from Hawai’i instead of Hawai’i Hip Hop.”

How do you try to help local DJ culture and hip hop culture in the islands?

When I see new talent that I think is dope I try my best to reach out and hopefully help build good relationships within my power. We’ve been doing a lot of showcases over the years to expose our talent pool and its kinda been a trend since.

Final Words.

You can check me out every Thursdays, Friday and Sunday nights at Da Big Kahuna Waikiki or book me for your next special event at Shoutout to all my friends and family that have supported me over the years. Much love!

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