Real Talk w/ DJ JK


Looking back at your win Wednesday, what do you think set you apart from the other finalists?

I think starting off my set with the haka really showed my culture and got the people pumped so I think that’s what set me apart.

What is the first thing you did after you won?

The first thing I did after I won was take pics and party up top.

How do you hope to make an even bigger impression at LF?

Well the battle only gave me 15 minutes to show what I got this time imma have more time to kill it.

What is your personal Love Fest moments/memories?

I remember the last love fest I went to I was in the crowd at the main stage and a remix to song, “Use Somebody” by Train was playing and at that moment everything just felt right. It was a great time.

Props, Plugs, Praises.
I thank God first of all .. I’d like to thank my family and friends for all the support… Jimmy taco 102.7 da bomb for giving me a shot .

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