Ill Talk w/ @crazearoni #LoveFestivalHI


[Be sure to peep the write-up on DJ Craze at in my column “On the Record”]

You played the Love Festival 10 years ago, welcome back. What do you remember about that whole experience and all of your past gigs in Hawaii?

Last time I was at Love festival was special cause it was one of the last times I spun with Roc Raida (RIP). Most of the gigs that I’ve done in Hawaii in the past couple of years have been amazing …. Cant wait to get back there!

What have been your proudest achievements in 2013 so far?

So far in 2013 I’ve been happy with the releases we’ve put out on Slow Roast. I’m also happy with the way my new project with Klever “Cafe’ Con Leche” is coming along.


How much has just the fact that you really love and enjoy what you do played a key role in your longevity and growth?

I think doing what you love is the most important thing in life and your career. If you love what you do it’ll never get old and in a business like this you always gotta keep it fresh and love what you’re doing.

When are you at your creative best?

I’m at my creative best when I’m in the right frame of mind …. relaxed …. and a ‘lil bent on that greenery.

When was the last time you felt a sense of joy from teaching or supporting someone else’s creativity?

The last time I felt good about supporting somebody’s creativity was when me and Klever were working on Scratch Nerds 2 …. Me and Klever keep pushing ourselves to be the best at what we do.

The popularity of trap music seems to have picked up where dub-step left off and similar to dub-step you have those who love it and those who hate it. What attracted you most to the sound?

What most attracted me to Trap was the hip hop vibe of it. Before I was battling, spinning DnB, spinning club/house music I was a hip hop boy. Trap made me fall back in love with the 808s and minimalism in club music.

What gets you hyped when you’re booked to play a large festival (10,000+ are expected at LF) opposed to a club party of a few hundred. Does your approach change given the larger crowd?

I get amped when I play larger crowds cause the vibes are more intense. You really do feel the “love” and theres nothing more amazing than killing it in front of that many people!

Shouts. Plugs. Praises?

Shout Outs to Slow Roast Records: Kill The Noise, Klever, Brillz, Codes, ETC! ETC!, Louie and all the people that felling what we doing …. Ssslllooowww Rrroooaaassstt!!

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