[Preview] Ill Talk w/ DJ Craze #LoveFest13


— Check out Craze in this week’s edition of “On the Record” at HonoluluPulse.com.—

– You played the Love Festival 10 years ago, welcome back. What do you remember about that whole experience and all of your past gigs in Hawaii?

– What have been your proudest achievements in 2013 so far?

– How much has just the fact that you really love and enjoy what you do played a key role in your longevity and growth? When are you at your creative best?

– When was the last time you felt a sense of joy from teaching or supporting someone else’s creativity? (what happened?

– The popularity of trap music seems to have picked up where dub-step left off and similar to dub-step you have those who love it and those who hate it. What attracted you most to the sound?

– What gets you hyped when you’re booked to play a large festival (10,000+ are expected at LF) opposed to a club party of a few hundred. Does your approach change given the larger crowd?

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