Real Talk w/ DJ Betty

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When is a DJ gig, not just an average DJ gig for you?
Not to sound jaded but I consider every gig an average gig till something amazing happens. Playing to a crowd of thousands doesn’t make the gig more special than playing to a crowd of 20. I’ve made some of my best memories playing to smaller crowds.

What about the club industry gives you SMH moments the most?

I could go on for days recounting the SMH moments but ill stick to one. With the explosion of new djs lately, comes with an explosion of egos. Respect is earned, not expected. I’ll leave it at that.

Are you in the prime of your career or over the hill?

I think of my career, or anyone’s career as a rollercoaster; lots of highs and lows. I’ve had my prime years and just because I’ve had those years, doesn’t mean I won’t be having it again. At this point in my life, I feel as if the ride is slowly ascending to the top again. I'm just not sure exactly what the mph is of the ride I'm on.

Is there anything at all bad about going out and seeing a lot of people you know?

No because I’ve literally spend half my life in this industry. I started going out at the age of 13, and I'm turning 26, do the math. Whoever I know, I know because of this industry.

What DJ, or well known public figure would you compare yourself to from a personality standpoint? why?
From a personality standpoint, I don’t think I can compare myself to anyone and vice versa. My thoughts, words and actions are very spontaneous, unfiltered and sarcastic to say the least. My personality is one of a kind, which is a good thing because I don’t know if the world can handle two of me.

Betty's Do's of DJing Awesomeness.

Do what makes you happy

Betty's Five Fuckin Don'ts.

Don’t bother me

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