Real Talk w/ @Osnizzle


(Check out the feature on DJ Osna, here )

Party people dig my DJ sets because…
“I’m different Yup I’m different”

Someone wouldn’t like my song selections if they are…


The kinds of crowds I enjoy playing for most are…

MOKES…. And drunk Haoles, they dance the best.

How do you balance working in the studio, DJing etc. What is the key to keeping that balance?

Easy, Studio Sun-Thurs & DJ Fri-Sat. The key is getting a secretary for your schedules, calls, emails and a manager to handle everything else. BOOM!

In a 24 hour period of time (or over the course of a week if that paints a better picture) , how much time is spent doing music?
If I’m not sleeping I’m doing music. Which means 12 hours of sleep and 12 hours of music ha!

DJing is a hobby more than a passion. True or False.

False Crack!

In your opinion, if they’re not jocking or a friend, does the average club crowd care who the DJ is if is not a headlining, world famous DJ? Besides the financial side, is that one reason why you prefer to save your services for non-club gigs?
Average club crowd, No. The average person that walks into a club doesn’t go because of the Dj, it’s usually for people, alcohol, location.
Imagine your favorite DJ or artist played every week, how much times would you go to see them knowing that they’re always playing? It takes away from that special moment where it doesn’t happen often. Why is someone gonna pay $50 to see DJ so & so play at Aloha Tower for a big concert when you can see them spin weds-sat in Waikiki for $10. Hawaii’s “Club” scene mostly consist of Bars rather then night clubs so I prefer not burning myself out until the right opportunity presents itself. For now I’m focused on taking my Dj skills to big venues with big crowds.

Would you ever enter a DJ battle?

I’ve helped out a lot of DJs that won battles before and the preparation going into a battle is hectic and time consuming. Sometimes the prize for these competitions aren’t worth the hassle. But if you know Osna then you know my name goes hand & hand with “Battle” so it’s only a matter of time before I get into it!

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