Real Talk w/ J. Holiday


KW: Update people on what you’ve been up to. When will your fans get to hear new music from you?

JH: I had to learn the hard way about the politics of the music business, disagreements with labels, switching managers and I had to take some time to really study & learn about the business. (I) had to separate friends & family from the business. Before, I was focused on just being the artist. Now I’m well aware of everything that goes on and I’m better prepared this go around. I’m a much better businessman now then before.

I’m in the studio working on my 3rd album. I have a new team in place and we are all on one accord at all times. I’m going the independent route this time. Last summer, I put out a mixtape online “M.I.A the Lost Pages” so go check it out and let me know what you think. Hit me on twitter & Instagram @kingjholiday or on my Facebook page.

KW: How would you describe the state of R and B today on the radio and in pop music?

JH: R&B has never gone away. It’s just going through transitions like everything else. Today’s music has gone away from soul that we grew up listening to but those of us that can do soul music, we bring it because that’s what we feel. The feeling comes from within and it’s not mass produced.

KW: Will we hear EDM influenced tracks on your next record?

JH: Although I’m a fan of the EDM movement, that sound or style won’t be featured on the album. I’m more of a traditional soul singer. Now if someone wants to remix a song for the clubs then by all means lets make it happen. I appreciate the DJs that take pride in their craft and push the boundaries to infuse different genres & sounds. That’s a gift, much respect to them. 

KW: Are you friends with Ryan Leslie?

JH: I see Ryan in passing and have much respect for him. I’m trying to get him on my new album, maybe we can make that happen sooner than later.

KW: Along with Ryan Leslie, the Honolulu show will also feature DJ Rhettmatic and DJ Shortkut of the Beat Junkies. What are your thoughts on the mix of r and b, turntablism and hip hop that will be on display?

JH: I think it’s a great show set up. The fans are definitely in for a treat. Ryan Leslie and his band are incredible. I do my thing, I have something special for the ladies.

KW: Final thoughts on your career, upcoming visit to Hawaii or anything else you would like to say/plug?

JH: I appreciate my fans for being patient with me and I can promise you that the new music will be worth the wait.

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