Real Talk w/ @MattRage


What helps you get in the zone?  

I like to listen to other artists music and watch live sets and it motivates me to make new stuff and amps me up! and if that doesn’t work Monsters always an option.

Familiarize our readers with how you got started DJing in the 808?

I originally started by DJing my friends partys on my computer and nothing else.. I practiced a lot and eventually got my hands on a Controller and had my first Wonderland Gig! I opened on one of the small side stages and people enjoyed my set so I knew I had something going and decided to go hard from there and I’m at where I’m at now!
What has your experiences been like being a part of Wonderland Entertainment?

Wonderland has been an Awesome experience! Im very blessed and thankful to be apart of this.. i have played AWESOME shows and have met alot of great DJ/Producers from around the world!.. cant ask for much more than that!

What would happen if EDM completely went underground say tomorrow? Would that be a positive or negative?

I would say it would be more towards the negative side.I most likely wouldn’t be where I’m at today if EDM didn’t blow up out of the water like its been doing lately. I think its great that more and more people are starting to love it!! I’ve been into this music since I was little and back then no one used to like it.. but now I can share the music I love with a lot of other people!

EDM and pop music as in, J Lo., Pitbull, thoughts?

I mean I think it’s great that all these big celebrity artists are getting into this genre of music but I think the EDM music that’s played all over the radio besides a few exceptions are a little too mainstream and I’m not a big fan but music is music and I don’t hate on anything! 

Final thoughts. Plugs. Praises.

To all the other up and coming DJ producers: Keep working hard and you’ll get where you want to be! Stuff may not go as you planned but that just means you have to try harder and never give up! I guess that’s the beauty of life and what keeps everything Exciting!

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