Beat Root Talk w/ Kavet the Catalyst #Part2


Is the crowd that comes out for Beat Root more diverse than people may think? Is one of your goals to have a well-rounded diverse crowd?

The crowd for the prelims is a mixed bag majority are those that are there to support the producer they know and the 1/4 is random.  My goal as for crowds for finals is everyone and anyone who wants to vibe out to fresh beats by producers from Hawaii. I would hope that the Hip-hop community supports the most and all the fans/family/supporters.  

Any interesting stories you would like to share about this year’s road to the finals?

Mr. Carmack, I’ve been preaching his sound is dope from the first beat he dropped in 2011 prelims, even when he lost in last years finals, I still believed that he had something, a sound, no other producer had, and sure enough, all the LA beat heads started jocking him, he played  Low End Theory, Coachella, and doing shows in Canada, Austrailia, and New Zealand!!!  Humble dude through it all.  And after qualifying this year for the Grand Championships, he is still gonna battle regardless of his super busy schedule and high demand.  Big ups Carmack. Thats the Ohana right there! 

In the organization, brainstorming stage before the first Beat Root did you ever imagine this event getting so much “traction” as far as popularity.

I always keep in perspective why I do BEATROOT, and as long as the producers love it and respect it then the people, the fans, the crowd will love it.  Cause if the producers are putting in time and work into making these audio treats i know the people will feel it as well.  The Grand Championships always draw a good crowd. And i think that its only gonna get more popular as producers start to get push more into the forefront of performances.

Shout outs? Noteworthy notes.

Shout outs to Easy Music Center and all the producers that believe in my vision for BEATROOT.  Also Producer/ DJ crew from Seattle’s Stop Bitting is coming to Beatroot, Eardr.umz, Absolute Madman, & OC Notes they will be preforming live beats and DJing.  Its gonna be a great night.


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