Real Talk w/ DJ Dawn #Part 2

Credit: Riana Stellburg

If you count female DJs with more than say three years of consistent experience, there are about the same number of female DJs 10 years ago as their are today why do you think this is so and what do you credit the most for your longevity?

I’m not too sure why there aren’t more female DJ’s out there. I’m not exactly the typical “female.” Maybe because most girls would rather be in the crowd dancing and shaking their booty; I’d rather be the one creating the dancing and booty shaking.

In one word. What motivates you?

One word. Love.

When is DJing WORK?

If I’m not enjoying myself and it feels forced, that’s when it starts to feel like work.

When is it play?

When I’m having fun and I’m inspired. When I’m no longer scrambling to figure out what song I should play next and it’s easy.

Is it important for you to teach other DJs you know play with?

If a DJ needs help with something I am more than willing to offer suggestions but I think if you are ready to play out, you should know what you are doing.

There are the super respected DJs who play at the so called big clubs. You got your under the radar DJs who are more selective to the music, clubs and crowds they play for and there are the up and comers who are dope but think their shit don’t stink and haven’t paid there dues. Where do you fit in?

I think I’ve definitely paid my dues. I’ve played at huge raves, big clubs, and small clubs, private parties and even small birthday parties when requested. I’ve played on House Nation on 93.9 and I have over 12 years of experience under my belt. I’ve seen the scene evolve into what it is today and I’m still here.

I think paying your dues doesn’t exist as much as it once did. What’s your take on paying your dues? Do you think DJs today have it easier so to speak?

Even though I spin with a Traktor S2 controller now, I still consider myself “old school.” There are programs that can “sync” songs for you so that it basically mixes on it’s own. I think that’s actually a great feature to have IF you already know how to DJ. Back when I started spinning, we didn’t have Serato, Traktor Pro, or any other music programs. We just used 2 turntables and a mixer. It was strictly vinyl and had to lug around 50 pound record bags and spent hours searching for that right 12” record online. We would sometimes have to wait weeks for it to come in. One single would cost anywhere from $6 for a domestic to $13 for an import plus shipping. I used to order records internationally which shipping would cost an arm and a leg. It’s so easy to just hear a song and “Shazam” it and download it that same day. I remember using round stickers to hide the titles on my record to prevent other dj’s from stealing my songs.

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