Real Talk w/ DJ Silky #Part1


– What would you call your biggest achievement so far in your career?

I could say it’s playing here, there and working with this person and that person, but really… I would actually like to say it’s the wonderful friendships that I have made all the world, and solid friends. Everything else can come and go, but solid friendships last.

– What would mean more to you; hitting #1 on Beatport or playing a huge American festival like EDC? Both are great accomplishments but which one would you savor more?

Hmmm… I guess hitting #1 on Beatport would probably mean more to me, and if I achieved that, I would no doubt be playing EDC anyhow!!

– Would you care to comment on stealing Arty and Matt Zo’s song?

I didn’t know anything about this. I hope this doesn’t sound terrible but I don’t even know who Arty & Matt Zo are!! I don’t usually pay attention to any mainstream stuff!

– What would your reaction be if an american artist of’s caliber stole a song of yours without gaining proper clearance?

At first I would be a little pissed, then I would think hold on, i’ve got people like this taking notice of what i’m doing, thirdly I would then think great, lets sue his ass.

– Creatively, what is your ideal environment to work in?

Well, I like to be by the beach, so I am actually bringing out my little keyboard and going to sit out by the beach in Hawaii and see how that works for me!

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