Beat Root Talk w/ Kavet The Catalyst *Part 1


I would imagine that you hold Beat Root close to your heart, in many ways almost like a child. Like a child the event has grown from a number of different standpoints. Talk about the growth you have noticed from the inaugural event finals to now?

The growth has been exponential more and more producers are finding out about Beatroot and we are getting alot more exposure from the mainland. We still have so much space to grow, i feel that the MCs are not utilizing Beatroot. As an MC why wouldn’t you want to come to a place where you can hear 6 producers for 2 hours play beats? Mos of the time these producer will be down to work with and MC. Its beyond me why, but maybe i need to promote harder?

– Talk specifically about the growth you’ve noticed from a talent and interest perspective.

Honestly the talent has varied, since its super easy to make beat because of computers we get the real basic, just starting beat maker, entering not knowing what the heck is going on, but on the other hand we have the producer that has been following Beatroot for a few years and comes out of know where and amazes everyone. It really varies.


– How much more energy have you put in specifically, sound, improving the experience of the people in the crowd, prizes..etc.

-I make sure the sound is on point, not just loud but clean, i want the producers and the audience to hear the producers audio art. Since i MC the event i try to bless the ground with free giveaways from all our awesome sponsors. I also make sure to explain What Beatroot is about and what the producers are going to be doing, just in case someone never came to a beatroot they can be included in the experience.

– How are you trying to CHALLENGE the producers more so than ever.

Its a challenge but this is the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIPS and this is for all the marbles!!! For the Grand Championships I give the producers a Sample pack. So for the first round they have to make 2 beats, one beat you can only sample and use – George Clinton’s “Computer Games” and the second Beat you have to remix Old Dirty Bastards – “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”. I have them do the same thing for the next round but i change the album you can only sample to and old funk fusion record – The Soul Searchers “Salt of the Earth” and they have to remix Dialated People w/Kanye -“Get By”.


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