Derp Talk w/ Mike D.

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Photo Credit: Level H

Cool Shit and Bull shit about Djing speak on both?

Nationally is the remix world has definitely opened up for me after 2 number one records on billboard last year (Gotye - Somebody I Used to Know and Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart a Break)... In all honesty it's a bit surreal. in the local scene, it's nice working with all different types of djs and clubs. trying to perpetuate the "stick to your roots but reach for the stars" mantra.

At this stage of your career, how much is Djing hard work and how much is it pure fun?

I think they go hand in hand. yes, it's hard work... but if you love what you're doing, it's all fun anyway!

I think DJs can get lazy if they want and the crowd would barely notice, woould you agree. Have you ever told a DJ to stop being lazy, or is complacency or being a little too drunk a good enough reason to just coast during a gig?

Nope. I hate lazy djs. it's one thing to put on a mix in the beginning of a night when no one is there, it's a whole 'nother thing to just be complacent. I don't think alcohol makes one lazy, more so a person's lazy attitude is exacerbated by the drink.

Besides your pure enjoyment of Djing and music in general, what ONE factor has helped you become one of the state's best DJs?

The fact that failure sucks lol.

When should a DJ ask a promoter or club for a pay raise? Have you ever done that?

When? when he/she feels they are not fairly being compensated. also, don't put yourself in the predicament to begin with. yes I have asked for a raise; sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't... I think club owners (more so now) need to realize that not all djs are idiots. there is a science to djs selling drinks as well as djs making people dance.

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Would you ever consider moving to another city to DJ regularly if the offer presented itself?

Dj? maybe. produce? yes.

Talk about some of the national exposure you’ve received and what the notoriety has helped in relation to building your creative confidence?

Because I’m able to strictly produce/remix/dj for a living, I’m much more immersed in the creative process as opposed to worry about producing commercials. the national exposure helped me get more work, and thus make my brain jump into the work deeper.

How has traveling out state helped shape your perspective towards music and Djing?

Every scene has it’s thing. the more you take in, the better versed you are in the field.

#1 DJ highlight since Valentine’s Day?

That’s a random date to choose. I’d say… I’d say mMyjah Rayjah big island. extreme party with extreme friends.


Most importantly Toney and Jade Nguyen… best friends I’ve had in a long time. Nstyle By Toney in Waipahu keeps my hair perfect for those selfie ig pics haha!
Raymond Ho Jr, Power 1043, Deejay Technique, Rumfire/Sheraton friends, Zanzabar Friends, jami compose anit, dj twiks (the crab master), tori ninetails (my awesome gogo partner whom with i won at karma monday’s dj/gogo comp… AWESOME dancer!), and all the supporters if captain jack sparrow, #teamderp, and #piegang. social media, all @djmiked. mixes at and of course you Kalani, thank you!


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