Na Hoku Talk w/ @IA808


Do you think the voting committee is finally taking the award and genre seriously or at least more seriously than they have in years past?

After years of sharing the award with R&B artist, I do have to give HARA props for recognizing that Hip Hop deserves its own category in the Hokus.

Are you a member of HARA?

I am not a member of HARA nor have I attended any meetings but I do see how their program can help the music community. I don’t think it should matter if you are a registered member to win the award though. But I do understand the politics of the recognition. Its the same for the Grammys on a bigger scale.

Is it really truly cool just to be nominated?

This will be my third nomination and at this point I just respect the fact that I have the opportunity to be in the final ballot and that I helped in a way somewhat by putting out albums to get our own category. I just want to influence the next generation to keep our genre alive and keep our scene going.

Any last words on this year’s set of nominees and the Hip Hop Album of the Year category in general?

On a final note, I am truly honored to be on the final ballot with incredible artist/brands. I would’ve love to see Mo Illa Pillaz, Pou Jackson, Jerzy Ric, and C Gutta on the final ballot. They all had great projects and deserved to be here too.


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