Mojo’in w/ M.O.J.O

1Music Over Judgement And Oppression Photo .jpg

1. What gives M.O.J.O, its mojo?

Off stage we love to let loose and have a great time, an that reflects visually and musically onstage. It’s all about playing it how you live it!

2. What makes the band’s sound so versatile?

Although we share a love for Reggae music, we also like a lot of other genres, such as Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Dub, Rock Punk and Ska. We like to mesh all the music we love together to create our unique versatile sound.

3. Highlights and favorite gigs?

One of the biggest highlights for us here on Oahu was winning the Mai Tai Rumble this Past December 2012. Our favorite gigs were performing in Hollywood, CA on the famous Sunset Strip at the Whisky A GoGo and The Roxy as well as opening up for Reggae bands SOJA, Passafire and Ballyhoo out on the East Coast.

4. What has been the key to the band’s success and sustainability in the competitive lifestyle of being a band in Hawaii?

We keep as much as we can in the public eye performing and keeping social in person as well as online and always being professional on and off stage. As far as our music, we keep the Reggae flavor but incorporate different sounds to appeal to all types of audiences so we are able to be more well rounded with different types of fans, which makes us versatile in our sound.

5. What does the future hold for M.O.J.O?

Keep on the look out for our music video that is soon to be out, as well as new music. You can also keep up to date with us at our official website


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