Real Talk w/ DJ Shift Part 2


Talk about the cool shit and the bullshit of Djing in Hawaii.

Cool Shit:
I get paid to help people have a good time. Wether it be at a wedding, Prom, Store event, or at the club. Just by simply doing what I love to do I can create a memory, help make a sale, or help someone stay up all night and get lucky.

People – From requests for songs that are 98% of the time gonna be played wether you asked for it or not to “play my song cause if you do imma get laid. Or it’s blah blah’s bday! Or I’m leaving soon.” If it takes a song to get laid forget about asking for songs and start working on your game buddy. Also we don’t care if it’s a bday or how long you will be there. There’s a whole club we as DJs have to tend to. Just simply walk up and ask for a song, no need to give us a history behind your choice. Unless it’s a cool ass story.

Biggest regret?

None… there’s been times where i’m like “SHIT I shouldn’t have done or said that or handled that situation the way I did but i don’t regret those moments. I try to remember them so something goes down again that’s similar I remember what I should have done.

Thank God I decided to do ______ moment?

Last oh shit moment. I have these way too often. It’s usually cause i’ll forget something like my CHARGER at a previous gig. Or I forgot to get a certain song. Last huge oh shit moment was several years ago when I was closing out the club and totally said ” Thank you for coming out to -insert wrong venue name here-! and didn’t realize it. Wondered why i was getting dirty looks from the manager when i announced on the mic AGAIN the wrong venue name. One of the waitresses came up to me and noted that I wasn’t at the club I was saying I was at. Never did that ever again………
Thank God I decided to do ______ moment?

Just a funny little thank god i decided to shut my mouth moment. On a side note this should be a recurring question cause i’m sure that we all have more than one of these moments. Anyhoo, So I was playing at Bar Seven and was “having a little more fun” than I should have been, I had a string of idiots that either came up and asked me for a totally off the wall track, or tried to pull the if you play my song i’ll tip you later line, anyway i was playing a certain genre of music and a certain person who is a pretty big deal in hawaii’s entertainment industry came up to me and asked me to play that very genre of music when the song that was currently playing represented that genre to it’s fullest. That certain person threw me on tilt and before i lashed out and belittled the person’s level of intelligence I held my tongue (it was semi-assisted by a friend actually but i still could have said fuck it and lashed out). Yeah that would have probably been really bad for my career.

How much does the music knowledge of a club crowd affect how you play, if at all?

A crowd’s musical knowledge affects my style of play ALOT. There are so many sheep out there that are content with hearing the same song every hour on the hour even when they’re at a club(this saddens me). The more educated the better.

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