Na Hoku Talk w/ Harumi Jerome of the DeadBeats


How did you find out about the nomination?

We initially saw a list of the nominations off the Honolulu Pulse Website.

What member of the group submitted the album to HARA?

Our beloved manager Sierra Williams made the submission.

How familiar are you with the other nominees and the history of the category?

All the nominees are dope! The local Hip Hop scene is a flourishing fruit and should be acknowledged for the talent that has before since been overlooked. The Audible Lab Rats are an amazing group, super good energy and a great time every time. Kwalified is another staple in the scene who brings a flavor all his own to every stage/track he’s on. In regards to the history of the category… We don’t know.

Is it truly a Hip Hop category?

Tough question! We believe so… However, Hip Hop can be hard to define. We consider ourselves a Hip Hop group. Although we do have elements of other genres of music as well.

In all seriousness, how badly do you want to win?

It’d be GREAT if we won but if we don’t, the winner will deserve it. I mean, any award or competition based on music is weird! Because it’s all subjective to who’s listening.


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