Kwallified Emcee Talks Hip Hop Album of the Year

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How did you all find out you were nominated. Were you sent a letter, did someone from HARA call you?

I actually found out I was nominated on twitter. The Lightsleepers tweeted the nominees. I was pretty stoked about it all. I'm just stoked to be nominated for this award. Hopefully this leads to more of a spotlight on our scene. The more people who release projects that get on iTunes that can be eligible for Hokus, the better. We need a legitimate presence as a hip hop scene at these awards.

Being nominated for anything is a sign of respect. Would you agree>

Yeah, it is. That's how I felt. I was very grateful that I got the nomination. A little validation after all the hard work I put in. I feel that they are trying to do a better job with the hip hop genre. I do think that they are making more of an effort. They want to be more informed of the hip hop music we have here in our islands. Kepa Kruise was a terrible choice to win. That wasn't hip hop. No disrespect to him as a person, but him winning was disrespect to hip hop. Navid won the last one. He's dope. I think with him winning, and seeing the nominees this year, they're doing better. I think that the Hokus are very prestigious awards. The highest award you can receive locally.

How familiar are you with the other nominees and the history of the category?

I'm pretty familiar with all the nominees actually. IA has been a homie for a while as well as Audible Lab Rats. The Deadbeats are friends of mine as well. So it's a lot of familiar faces for me in the category. It's cool.


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