Real Talk w/ Kaptin Kurt

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- For people who might find it odd for a hip hop artist to be part of a rock show, tell them why it is a good match for you and the event itself?

I am a fan of both hip hop and rock music, so for me it's a chance to be a part of a show where I am a performer as well as a fan. As far as the event, it is a chance for a bigger mixed crowd. This give artists who are not generally seen by certain crowds that chance to make an impression and gain fans. This combination works well and goes back to "Walk This Way" by Run DMC and Aerosmith. The BigMix series is a great way for exposure to a new crowd.

- When did you start playing shows on the island on a regular basis?

May of 2012 I started doing open mic shows out in Kailua at Boardriders. From there, I began making my way out to other venues such as, Station Bar and Lounge, Club Rende Vuu, Hard Rock Cafe and Aloha Tower just to name a few. I would say I started to perform regularly in February of this year. So far, I have had a performance every weekend since the first of Feb.

- Career highlights thus far?

Some of my career highlights would include participating in the Hard Rock 2013 Battle of the Bands Contest, performing at the Aloha Tower, and winning my first Music Award, the Rock the Mic Award, at a hip hop competition. Also, being featured on for my performance at the Hard Rock 2013 Battle of the Bands Contest.

- Talk about your approach to music and the challenges of being a hip hop artist in the islands?

My approach to music is simple, individuality and originality. I write my songs about experiences I've had or witnessed. I like to make music that people of all ages can enjoy, I do not target a certain crowd or group.One of the challenges being a hip hop artist in Hawaii is the fact that Hawaii is secluded. It is so far away from where majority of hip hop music is coming from that it gets overlooked. Honestly, there is a lot of talent in Hawaii that have the potential to make it big, they just have to think outside the Rock so-to-speak. Other than that, I feel that Hawaii is a great starting place for hip hop because it is the least influenced by outside activities, you can truly be yourself and focus less on the "street cred" you feel you need to be a rapper.

- Final thoughts.

I'm looking forward to this event. I am a big fan of M.O.J.O and also Ancient Dialect. Also, I am looking forward to the crowd. As I stated earlier, I love the opportunity to perform in front of new crowds to be able to impress and gain fans. Live shows are the best way to do so! If you would like to keep up with everything I have going you can check me out at or at Thank you again for taking the time out to interview me, it is greatly appreciated!

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