Real Talk w/ Paradox Culture of Ancient Dialect

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*Answers provided by Fabian Carter

- How has moving to Hawaii had a positive effect on your music?

Moving to Hawaii has been the biggest influence on our music career. Hawaii isn't corrupted from the negativity of mainland mainstream music. Hawaii hip hop is still pure and is nurturing a lit of very talented individuals.

- Talk about your sound and the type of crowds you generally play for?

Our sound is unique to us. We attract real hip hop crowds because they dig our creativity and versatility. We like to bring the old school ideas of hip hop and reintroduce it to the new school through witty metaphors and clever puns.

- Career highlights/Upcoming projects?

Upcoming projects from Ancient Dialect are going to be mind blowing. Paradox Culture is working on his solo mixtape "Offerings to Apollo" as a group we are dropping our mixtape " the eradication" and debut album "2013AD: Think about it". Its going to be a scorching summer (lol).

- Hip Hop Inspirations, locally and overall?

My biggest inspiration in the game is Joe Budden. He was manipulated by the mainstream and when they chewed him and spit him out he never gave up. Hes one of the dopest lyricist of our time and if I only had a quarter of his thought process ill be great. Locally will def be the Supergroupers! Their chemistry mixed with dope delivery and mind blowing lyricism always motivate me to push harder. I feel like they are the best and I can learn a lot from them.

- Favorite venues you've played?

My favorite venue by far is Station Bar. Dont get me wrong its a small venue but the atmosphere is what takes me away. It's always a hip hop crowd there for the music and nothing else. Its that underground hip hop experienced that real Emcees live to experience. My sacred favorite is Edge Bar.

- Final thoughts, plugs, praises.

My final thoughts are if you love hip hop show it. Do not become one of the corrupters. I want to give a huge shout out too Supergroupers, Aksent, Oneill Fernandez, Kap10 Kurt, Ozell Daniels and Tantra. 2013AD!


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