Real Talk w/ Slug [ Interview Preview ]

 photo slug1_zpsd06c65be.jpg

In hip hop history, where does Atmosphere's contributions fit in?

Will you and Ant be bringing along the live band to the islands?

At this point in your career, have you seen the direct impact that you've had on the growth of the Minnesota hip hop scene?

When was the last time Ant said or did something where you thought to yourself, “I'm so glad Ant is my muthafuckin' dog”?

When was your most exciting time in hip hop before you became a father. Has fatherhood changed or influenced any aspect of how you approach music?

You're lyrics show that you are definitely a great story teller with a very creative mind, who are some of your favorite creative minds?

How is hip hop proved to be better in your 40's than your 20's?

How has creating music provided your own personal therapy?

Talk about the music synergy you have with Ant?

What do you get more enjoyment from; the process and energy that goes into recording an album or song or sharing your art live for the people?

How influential are your friends outside of hip hop to the music you make?

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