Real Talk w/ DJ Midori

 photo 711096_4768669347585_119050378_n1-2_zpsf735622a.jpeg

When did you come to Hawaii and did your interest in DJing develop here?

When I was 15 years old in 2005, I started DJ under Japanese successful female DJ Mayumi ( in Kanagawa, Japan. I moved to Hawaii in May 2010. I have known DJ Bozu for 7 years, and he used to take me out to a lot of
clubs in 2010 and 2011. When I was in Japan, I used to think that DJ is just my hobby. However I was interested to see DJs since I go to club here. At that time I thought that I want to spin at club as club DJ sometime.

When you out with your friends just enjoying yourself, how much do you pay attention to what the DJ is doing?

I often go to club with DJ friends. I pay attention to programming. I see what songs they play and what timing they djsplay. DJs have to play old songs, top 40, some new songs but it is difficult to play these songs with own style. making people dance with famous songs is important DJs job, but we have to think other things too. We want them to know new songs and old songs too, so we need to think programming at all times.

How long did it take from the time you started learning the art of DJing to the time you started to get regular gigs?
When I was in japan, I used to make playlist. I just prepared set and play my favorite songs. I didn’t know a lot of songs that time and it was all I could do to mix songs. but now I can see people and an atmosphere at club little by little. I’m still learning these things. I think it is important to make DJ friends too. Connections are really an important things in music society. It took about six months to get a chance to spin first time. And I got other gigs little by little after first spinning.

What is the most challenging part of DJing today?

I used to focus on mixing smoothly until I started my DJ career here. Each DJ provides time to spin for one hour or less, we can show our DJ style for this provided time. I wanna try to display little my originality and something new.

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