Real Talk w/ JoeKerr

 photo joekerr_zpsec87b1d1.jpg

Big up your history in the Hawaii Hip Hop game.

I started with Southern Xposure n Rich or Po Records long, long ago. I've been a member of Blaqwater Entertainment (w/ Repo, Maleek, KTP n Surandi (RIP). I've been a member of Gotthos (Happ n Tripple Los) House of D. The Hammer Bros and Jeyetik. I've worked (with) almost everybody. First Hawaii release feature on "2000 Blaqwater" It's Just the Beginning." (Also) been featured on Slapp Symphony's Landz of the Lost n Slapp Collective. Creed Chameleon's Siq of Lazy. Wun's This is Wun. C Gutta Memoirs of a Young Boss. And a lot more.

What is your personal motivation behind the music?

My personal motivation for music is just life. The good the bad the indifferent. Like I said you take the positives we take the negatives n turn them into positives.

Take us through your personal ups and downs of being a Hawaii Hip Hop artist.

Working with some of the most incredible local talent and getting the privilege to venture off of the island and work with well known artist and labels and executives in the industry. Oh, and of course opening up for everybody from DMX to Trina to Mos Def to Talib Kweli.
The down (includes) being incarcerated and being on felony probation that kind of (put) the hault on my music. But you take every negative experience learn from it and turn into a positive.
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You years in the game make you more than qualified to give your thoughts on this bro. What's right with the state of hip hop in the islands right now?

Opportunity. There are more venues n avenues to do work with now. The game really opened up. There used to be two places that you could perform at. Now there's tons. Facebook and Soundcloud and the internet revolutionized hip hop here and everywhere else.

What can people expect at your next show on the 28th at CEO Lounge?

I am injured. I'm at. Jik n Joke Show goes hard. Sometimes too hard. So a bad stage situation at Soho ended wit me havin' a torn MCL but we still rocked ass tho anyway. But im healing 30% so it will be good but better from me you will soon see. The entire card is dope. Repo, Gutta, LA, Mizo. I respect and like all of them artistically and personally too. Shout out to da homie Ill Phil.


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