Real Talk w/ @AbstractRude #PartTwo

 photo AbstractRude0509abstractrude_lg_zpsef78c988.jpg

At this point in your noteworthy career, how important is the “teaching” aspect?

It comes natural. I have my own lil' digi label I started with Fatjack called Keep The Feel Ent. we launched a while back to re-issue our old material, since then it laid dormant til i recently began developing some younger artists on there for future releases. again, I was taught well and I had to self teach too so for me its easy.

I heard that you were initially supposed to just head over to Maui for
a show and to record as well. Would you care to talk about to how your
upcoming journey back to Hawaii all came about?

Yep. My guy Judah over there brought me out in 2010 I hadn't been prior to since like 2000. So he wanted to bring me back, thankfully, and from there u know when you travel to certain states or regions you can hop around once you are in the vicinity if there's interests; so lucky for me there was so I'll be hitting Oahu as well w/Ezra for a couple gigs; studio sessions too. 

Who will you be recording with in the islands, how did that all come about?

You gotta wait and see.

How important is your circle of friends outside of hip hop?

After 18 years in it, my circle inside hip hop is pretty damn important to me that's for sure. Outside of that you know its the real ones, your fam, your blood, your trues - they ground you, keep life real for you. 

Were you happy with the responses from your latest solo project Dear Abbey?

Yes, thanks to everyone who grabbed it so far. i didn't go all crazy w/the promo campaign so many have yet to uncover it but its all good - in time they will, but for those who did they been loving it...the new songs I perform from it work well live too. 

Looking at your catalog of music, what are your favorite songs? Why?

The ones that are the funnest to perform live I think because you get to feel'em with the crowd.The Mike Aaron and Eddies,
The Thynk Eye Cans, Nuff Fires, The LA Styles Backs, The All Days, Coolins, Stop Bitings and She's Always Rights those have consequently also been the most purchased tunes, so they've paid ok, (lol)

What are your top 5 memorable moments/proudest accomplishments?

-listening to my 1st finished demo
-performing for big wig label execs as a teenager (won't name drop but he wore a shiny glove & socks) 
-getting props at the goodlife
-recording with Freestyle Fellowship, heroes of the goodlife crew
-getting signed to Grand Royal by Mike D of the Beastie Boys
then later opening a sold out show at Maritime Hall in SF for Run DMC w/haiku d'etat & counting...

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