Real Talk w/ @AbstractRude *PartOne

 photo AbAndriaMillie1_zps20c5a615.jpg

What can the Hawaii faithful that love straight laced pure Hip hop expect from you come?
They can expect to have a good time and dance their asses off and hear some dope lyrics & Blowedian style...I'ma keep the feel while I'm rhymesaying. 

Have you played in Hawaii before, I'm sure you have, what do you recall from that show?

I have a few times on about 4 diff islands...honestly just fun fun fun the shows almost seem secondary to the nature aspects you can experience as a tourist but I felt made appreciation from Hawaii in the past & def a true to hip-hop spirit. 

I understand that appealing to the entire crowd is the goal of any artist but how much of your live show is dedicated to your day one fans versus making sure your newer, younger fans get there's as well?

Sometimes it's half n half, (it) just depends on the crowd and how many heads I can tell are old school versus new booties (lol) but mostly I just feel my way through. I like to feel the crowd when I arrive and maybe switch up my set accordingly, my DJs hate it but it keeps em on their toes. 

Have you ever once, thought about going the mainstream route with your music?

I was signed back in '95 to a major so I mean yes but mainstream with my flow as the current of that stream, not change stream i wouldn't let the industry dictate what my flow is. 

How are you serving “life's purpose” through music?

I believe I was put here to do this I truly do. That's why i'm still at it after all these years. So I am living my dream doing what I love to do. I also feel like I help others through relating similar experiences and helping them to process the impact those experiences may have on their lives.


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