Real Talk w/ @FourColorZack


Has the notoriety gained from winning Thre3styles affected your day job as an art director and designer, or is DJing already your "day job" now?

I've been doing a pretty great job of juggling DJing and design/advertising for a while but lately I've had to make some adjustments. My agency job has always been supportive of what I get into but currently I'm on a hiatus to handle some of the madness. But who knows what will happen in the future. I dont think I'll ever be able to stop DJing or designing, so I'll always be looking for a good balance.

Do you consider "Four Color Zack" and Zack Prucha to be the same dude?

Yeah for sure, I'm the same person no matter what time of day it is. Who I am with my wife and daughter is who I am when I'm at a giant gig.

Describe the importance of using your current "platform" as a international DJ champion to help DJ culture moving forward?

Well I dont really have much of an agenda I'm forcing on anyone but I hope that, with the increasing attention to the Thre3style format, DJs are more willing to bring creativity and thought back to sets. Its rewarding when people get excited about fresh perspectives and original thinking. I'll try to keep doing my thing as best I can and if I can inspire any of that I'd be really happy!

Talk about your relationship with Kicks HI and other relationships you've built with people from the Aloha State?

In the early 2000's I met my buddy Kalani Fujimori (from Honolulu) in Seattle. We worked on a TON of design projects, even opened a studio together. He introduced me to Chris Kam, Ian Ginoza and the Kicks Hawaii crew (as well as bunch of other great friends) and we've all worked together for years. Also Lucky at Soul Signature Tattoo, Manifest homies... There are so many good people in Hawaii its hard not to think its the best place ever.

You may get asked this a lot, but I have to ask it sir, how has your life changed since winning the Red Bull Thre3style?

Bigger stages, more travel, more attention... Those kinds of things. Its nice to get the chance to do what I like to do for more people. We'll see how it plays out but I'm totally enjoying it.

Do you get a lifetime supply of Red Bull now?

HA! They are very supportive lets just say that. I drink a ton of it.

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