Real Talk w/ DJ HapaBoy


Congrats on your win, how important was it for you to put in a good showing last night?
I've played at some big venues, but for the first time, all eyes on me for 20 minutes straight, it was a different feeling but I enjoyed every second of it and winning last night put's me in the finals to win, that's all I need is an opportunity!

How much preparation did you do?

I found out about the contest a week before, and with a very eventful and busy weekend, I made a set in less than 24 hours and put everything I had into it.

20 minutes playing in the club is nothing but it does seem like an awfully long time for a battle set, what was your strategy going in?

I've never made nor recorded a set before. Im learning to read the crowd better and love playing by that concept. So I basically tried to read an imaginary crowd at home while I was making my set.

How did you feel when you found out you were spinning for nightlife and music vets like G-Spot, Rick Rock and Taco? Were you happy with the crowd?
Those three are legends in their own way, definitely a bit of pressure, but I love it and the crowd was awesome! I Appreciate everybody's support so much. besides music being my passion, the people that support me is what drives me to do my best.

Competing in the first week of the battle gives you a little advantage because you already locked down your spot in the finals. What now?

Like I said, I didn't have much time to prepare this first week, now I have three weeks to prep. I'm excited & hyped! I'm putting everything I have into the final set. I promise to all my supporters I WILL NOT DISAPPOINT, in it to win it!

Final thoughts on the overall experience.

Again, Just very thankful to my supporters and thankful for the opportunity to perform and share my vibe!

Do you plan on attending the rest of the battles?

Yes, I'm always down to support the event and also fellow DJs.


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