Bangin’ Top 5 : Red Bull Thre3style Edition



The tournament format for Red Bull Thre3Style qualifiers was refined in 2013.  This year, the winner of the Hawaii sub-qualifier will compete against 5 other winners from the West region (San Diego, Las Vegas, LA, SF, and Seattle) in the West regional qualifier in Seattle (home of Four Color Zack, last year's Thre3Style World Champ).  

Instead of competing against 7 LA DJs in the LA regional, this year's sub-qualifier puts the winner one step closer to the National final than last year's.

The selection process was done by a group of Hawaii's top DJ's, event promoters, and other music leaders.

the Hawaii sub-qualifier is that it was actually granted an additional slot for a sub-qualifier.  Every other region in the country will have 5 sub-qualifiers, however the West added Hawaii as a 6th.

 There are less quaLifiers, less competitors in every competition worldwide.  This is to ensure that the contest has the top-level talent in each city.  



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