Real Talk w/ @Dumbfoundead



How important is the company you keep around you to your success?

"If you want an unbiased portrait of who you are, take a look at the people around you. You are the average of your five closest friends."It's very important to me the company I keep, my inner circle is comprised of people that help motivate, inspire and ground me. Without that strong foundation none of what I'm trying to build would be

Recap some of your most memorable moments of last year?

Had an amazing year. So much to be thankful for…Had a blast traveling the world, Europe, Asia and a US tour. I put out a new album, met a lot of really cool and creative people.

What was the worst form of racism you endured as a kid?

You know I always get asked this question a lot and I have to say besides the typical 'Jet Li and Jackie Chan' jokes in cyphers it wasn't that bad. Being from the battle world we learn to have thick skin and realize EVERYBODY goes through some form of discrimination. A lot of times it's just a misunderstanding, a lack of communication. I'd rather teach people about my culture than be angry about the racism.

You look rather young in the cover image of "Take the Stares," how old where you when that photo was taken?

I took that photo in September...It must be the fish oil and ancient Chinese remedies that are really starting to work for me.



I read somewhere that the first beat you ever made was on your first single "Lazy Song." Do you think you might try your hand at producing a little more in 2013?

Wow! I'm pretty surprised you know about this. It's actually the first song I ever made. I didn't have any access to producers at the time so I decided to just make the beat myself. it took forever and the beat
was shitty but I was so proud of it but that's the mentally I always try to have, instead of waiting around for other people take action and make something happen.

Many rappers eventually start producing why do you think you haven't you been drawn to the producing side of making music?

It's definitely something I want to get into but I feel blessed being surrounded by producers I work with that already create the sound i'm looking for but definitely look out for a few DFD beats in 2013.

Would you say your career has taken a step or a leap forward n 2012?

A small step forward. I've got a long road to getting to wear I really want to go.


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