Real Talk w/ DJ Premier – Preview / Part 1


Part 1

You seem to “give back” hip hop a great deal and “naturally” educate the younger generations, as an ambassador even a profession in some cases, if you will, why is it important for you to give back and teach?

If there was a biopic made about your life, what actor would play you, who would direct it and who would some of the cast of characters in the film be?

I'm guessing it's very important for you to “back-up” all your music and sound files. When was the last time your computer crashed on you where you lost music?

You've said that you would have no problem working on a a Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber record, would you ever do an electronica record? If so, what would it sound like, what sounds would you incorporate and would it have a hip hop feel since that's the culture you came from?

Back in the day, hip hop was more rooted in story telling, the struggle and the streets, where emcees seem to put time and emphasis on the lyrics as well as the message. Whereas some may say it isn't so much the case today. Is that the fault of the artists of today or just a result of the generation they came from?


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