Real Talk w/ Repo #Part1


The FB yick yack, how did all that shit start?

The FB yick yack started by me makin a statement bout the shit I see & hear commin from these rappers bruh.. I made a statement bout Wayne/ Drake soundalikes.. Thas like tellin' another comedians joke..not dope yet everybody wanna say Thas dope to bite another mans style/content etc.. I made a statement bout niggas claiming shit like "dipset" & shootin ppo wit choppers & dumpin' bodies in the ocean (guess Thas relevant rap nowadays) but I'm from the old school so rappin' bout that shit or claiming summin' u not I'm ah call that bullshit!!! & ask Where's the "G" facts?!?!.. Now outtah all dat only one clique raised there hand guess they felt like the elephant in the room.. I just exposed them for what it was.. Muthafuckahs here like big up the corny shit & downplay the dope shit.. (I) never understood that bruh.. But Repo always gone tell u what he thinkin' and if that shit wack or fake!! I will say it!

(The) Reason I spoke on it is everybody gotta remember this...You put music out under your name true. But that shit speaks for us as a whole.. For example if some scouting type in Hawaii hip hop all they'll see is a page full of super moked out rap-bunch ah Wayne, Drake replicates Dipset, RR (like claiming a gang you ain't in) and gangsters in Hawaii busting choppers killing people.Fucking embarrassing. Where does that leave all us wit talent & summin to offer to this movement? All us that been grindin'; tryna put on but masked by the wack shit that out numbers the actual dope shit. Not a chance cause now we all labeled that shit!!.. Get the fuck out the lane u clogging it up!!

Hardships fuel our desire to make shit better, talk about some of your personal hardships and how you channel the emotions in everday life and in your music?

Man I grew up in the era when meth 1st hit Hawaii. My hardships come from that time of struggle. We grew up poorest kids on the street. I'm talkin' no lights, no house water, no toilet paper poor!!.. But we always had enough. That's the funny thing!! I channel that struggle as a child.. My struggle as a teen robbin' and stealing. Sellin' dope and not 'cause it was the cool thing neither. It's what I had to do!!

My struggle as an adult trying to support my family & pay bills. Losing my family living without my daughter etc. See my music ain't swag, it's struggle. With a lil bit of swag tho 'cause I'm a flyboy!! On the real tho I feel like I speak HAWAII'S struggle.

To define the album success would be to get payed for makin' music from it. Y'all gotta understand as a kid I neve had big dreams of rappin' & rockin' crowds. Rap is something I stumbled on & figured I was good at it & just went wit it. I make music hit or miss & never relly think bout it. Guess I'm sayin' I still do music just to do it as a hobby or like therapy for me.Rap is what I do. Not what I am.. So if it never happens. I'm good anyway cause my faith & hopes ain't in that.. I'd b happy someone hears it & finally get the support of my state to we're I'm on the same big shows with The Green at Kaka'ako rockin' a concert or same show list as Common Kings. I'm a simple man really. But still!! If your shit ain't up to par get the fuck out the lane!!

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