Real Talk w/ DJ Corey Ferren


- How did your treck from music fan to DJ occur?

Growing up just outside of L.A., I started going to desert warehouse parties around 1992-1993. After getting stationed here in Hawaii in 1996, I took out a loan to buy my own 1200's. At the time, I just wasn't hearing the genres that I was time to give it a shot myself.

- What was your big break?

Still waiting for it lol!! My residencies at World Cafe and 1739 / Galaxy after hours four nights every week for sure. I'm still grateful to the people who gave me the opportunity to do that. It feels good that every now and then I'll bump into someone who remembers me playing at those clubs, then I start feeling really old because that was about 12-13 years ago when I played there!

- In what aspects of DJing do you try to stay ahead of the curve and consistent.

I try to be creative with my mixes and track selections, that's how you have to seperate yourself from the rest of the pack now-a-days. Back in the day not everyone had the same access to music, now everyone pretty much has the same access to tracks as anyone else.

- Genre of choice. What about it draws you to it the most?
Oh man, I grew up on techno and acid house. I've evolved into playing mostly progressive house and trance....still with that techy fell to it though. Oh and some electro sprinkled in for good fun.

- What's your personal Gig wish Hawaii, globally. Did you cross any of those accomplishments off the list this year.

I've been lucky to be able to play in great places with great vibes such as Escape in Amsterdam, but before I die I would love to play at Space or Amnesia in Ibiza.

- Support and drive. What people supply that for you.

Definately close friends and family. Definately NOT ex-girlfriends and such lol. I really have a lot of people to thank that have supported me throughout the years.

- Hawaii DJs you admired before you started?

I think there were like four djs when I started? Lol nah, definately G-Spot, Matt Grim, Daniel J, James Coles, and Ikon got me started way back when. And thru the years Technique, Ramyt, Nightmarcher, Errrick, Paul Brandon, Tide, Mind Game, Mr. Trancis, Nakanna, Randon, Dirty Secret, Super Star Nikki, everyone from my Livewire family, oh man the list goes on....THANK YOU ALL!!

- Highlights of 2012?
It was one hella crazy year, but Lovefest and Gareth Emery @ Aloha Stadium stick out the most for me. Can't wait to see what next year's gonna be like!!!

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