Real Talk w/ 12th Planet #throwback


Being that you travel all across the globe, what city has been you're most memorable to work in?

I think I have the most memories in Los Angeles. It is my hometown, and my favorite place to play. It is the city I came up in, and the city I rep.

At what point should a DJ start working to book gigs outside their own city? Is there a formula? How did you do it?

There is no formula, you take whatever you can get. I am not sure what its like coming from a DJ perspective being that I am a producer 1st, and DJ 2nd.

Have you ever traveled to Hawaii? For work or play?

I played at Digital Wonderland last year in Oahu. That was a really fun party, and the promoters were the most hospitable I have worked with in a long time.

We hear that the working DJ's in Los Angeles are like full-on record producers (or in some cases actors) on the side. Is this true?

A. I think DJ's from LA are a mix of everything; Producers, Dentists, Students, Mcdonalds workers, Garbageman, you name it.

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