Real Talk w/ “The Wizzard” Brian Coxx #Soulgasm


Have you ever met a house music fan that didn't like to or couldn't dance?

Well, some people appreciate the music in other ways besides dancing. I mean I love when the whole room is moving but I also have love for someone who is there to just APPRECIATE and take it in from another perspective. Yes I have met a few people who couldn't dance but if they are sincere about the music and there heart is in it then it's okay with me. Give them some time and welcome them to there new home.

What inspires you more, your memories of house music from the past or the present and future of the genre?

Definitely influenced by the past present and future. (I'm) mostly interested in the present, giving all I got right now. Going other places musically and going in a bit further into your soul than other DJ's.

Fill us in on your label Soulgasm Music?

Due to the current over-saturation of the market Soulgasm music is gonna continue to bring quality releases although I'm gonna take a step back and be a bit more selective when putting something out. Like almost everything that comes out these days, it's already been done. It's time for producers as well as myself to take some chances and come up with some outlandish type futuristic space funk from another planet type house.

Any thoughts on the Soulgasm NYC and Soulgasm HI connection?

I think its a wonderful thing the Soulgasm NYC party and the Soulgasm Hawaii party. It's special to me cause it's Hawaii. It's a non typical place for a party. what i mean by non typical is that its not like a major city like Chicago or Philly where it would be so much easier to do. I would love to see the Soulgasm party connection in places like France, Germany, and japan. Soulgasm global perhaps.

With so many subgenres of dance music these days, and many more to come, what is your personal definition of house music?

That's a great question. All these genres, sub genres, genres within genres means nothing to me. If it touches you down deep and makes you close your eyes and wanna dance, cry, fuck, sing or perhaps dress yourself in in a fur while just wearing a thong and a pair of Adidas than that's house.

Final thoughts, plugs, praises, shoutouts?

Well of course I would like to thank Red and Ejoe from Soulgasm NYC. thanks to Lyanne for all that she does for Soulgasm Hawaii. Most importantly the dancers and party people who support the music and the parties and inspire me to keep doing what i'm doing. See you soon.

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