Teachin’ Never Preaching w/ DJ Dream #RumoursNightClub


Personally, what were the best years of Djing in Hawaii for you?

That's a hard question, i really enjoyed the late 80's-mid 90's. To be a Dj back then you really needed to know how, and you had to invest in yourself cause you needed to own your own vinyl to play, there wasn't any MP3 Hard drives to share,,, There was only vinyl, and Beta Max tapes for video. Well there was Laser, but no friendly machines for Djs. I also feel music genres started to diversify around that time. It was Good times... but at the same time, i really enjoy spinning now in the present, New music comes out so fast and i really enjoy Serato and not carrying 6 crates of Records.

It's almost inevitable for a nightclub to change ownership and name at least a few times, that hasn't been a problem at Rumors, why do you think that is the case?

Rumours has had a few different owners since i have been there,,, I am guessing A lot of other clubs change ownership or name after the club starts dying, or they lose their lease. A new owner/manager would come in and change the name to their vision or to re-invent themselves. Rumours isn't the trendy "new" Club, I guess you could say We are the consistent "old" Club... You don't need to guess what you are going to get when you come to Rumours.. On our Flashback Saturdays you will only hear Old School, whether it is Disco, rock, funk, R&B, booty, hip hop or whatever, if it isn't old, your not gonna hear it. A lot of first timers might come to the club on a Saturday and ask for Gangnam Style or Drop it low, i hear it all from everyone wants to hear it, or everyone's gonna dance to it, or i'll give you $20, haha,,, it's not in our format so i just gotta say i don't have it... to see the looks when you say you don't have one of the most popular songs in the world is priceless, i think being consistent is the key.

What do you do outside of Djing?

outside of being a DJ, i try to reach the beach as much as i can, either fishing or relaxing with fam. I think i am now over my FB addiction, it was kinda bad for a bit. Dj'ing is my full-time, so on my off time, I try to listen to new music and read Industry type articles.

What is what “rumor” in particular that you've heard about Rumours that you would like to put to rest right now?

As for rumors about Rumours, haha, All I can Say Is The Rumours Are True. On Fridays we are a very New school Urban Hip Hop/Rap kind of club, so we attract a more of a military clientele. Saturdays we advertise Flashback Saturdays, so we have more of an older, more sophisticated kind of group. Now i know people say we have a lot old people, but honestly, we are all getting older, and when you want to celebrate your birthday or class reunion, you are going to want to be at Rumours partying with people your own age, listening to your music. And the same goes for Friday, if you want to hear the Newest Ross, Mill, Jeezy, Drake, Chainz, there is nowhere else you will find it with Videos all night.. We Recently Up-graded our Sound system(Thanks to Creative Sound and Lighting)so you can hear the difference if you haven't been there in a couple years. We always have a lot of parking, and our bathrooms are always clean! Whatever other rumors are out there about the club, you just need to roll thru and see for yourself.

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