Real Talk w/ Steve Smith of Dirty Vegas

What is your biggest motivation when it comes to making music personally and as a member of Dirty Vegas?
My own, and the bands biggest motivation is always to keep things moving creatively. In the last 12 months we have released a studio album, an Acoustic EP,remixed artists like Penguin Prison, and collaborated with DJ’s and producers like Sultan and Ned Shepard, David Tort and Thomas Sagstad. We always feel that changing things up keeps it interesting for us, and hopefully for our fans.

Electronic music in commercials is so common in the cross promoting world of today, would you say the “Days Gone By” opportunity with Mitsubishi was a bit ahead of its time?

I would say that for sure, when we licensed ‘Days go by’ to the commercial back in 2002 it was a benchmark case for licensing. We were an unknown band, who ended up winning a Grammy, not by radio play but by TV exposure.

Where do you keep your Grammy?

In my living room

What has been the key to your creativity and Dirty Vegas’ longevity?

Again, I think its by keeping things moving that we feel it keeps us from stagnating. In our forthcoming shows we have DJ sets (Honolulu), Full Live shows (Guadalajara)and an Acoustic set (Hong Kong)

Can we expect any new material soon?

We are always working away at stuff, we have a collaboration with David Tort coming on on Spinnin Records, and we have been working on a new EP for early 2013.

Have you played Hawaii in the past, how do you intend to enjoy your time out here?

we have never played, so to say we’re excited is a huge understatement.

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