Real Talk w/ DJ Willis #Part2


How close is Hawaii to getting the recognition it deserves as a hot spot for music and parties and from a DJ talent standpoint?

I think Hawaii has already earned the respect from quite a lot of people all across the board. House,Techno, Trance, Dubstep, I feel Hawaii is on the lips of a lot of the best from around the globe and it's only a matter of time before the locals here step up to that level. It's just taking some productions and maybe a few more larger parties and then people are really gonna see that something wild is happening over here. It's very close.

What would you say is the worst piece of advice someone has given you?

Haven't gotten too much bad advice lately cause I feel like I surround myself with the right people.

- What was the first party you ever played at in Hawaii?

The first party I ever played was at Hula's 8 years ago. Long story short my good friends Brother in Law played there regulary and he hooked it up. Was fun playing the music i liked in Hawaii for the first time. Next i was playing at Audiolab upstairs in the house room when it was still going on. That's when I really started getting more involved with the scene a bit.

Favorite party, pre Asylum and post Asylum?

My Favorite party pre-Asylum were of course at the Living Room and at Nextdoor. There were so many of them. I didn't play soo many at Living Room but I loved going to them. Some that stood out were Jimmy Van M and Satoshi tommie. At Nextoor some that stood out were Josh Wink and playing with one of my best friend's Digital Assassins.

Post Asylum there have been even more. We've had some amazing nights and some that stand out are DJ T., Paul Woolford, JUSTIN MARTIN every time he comes as well as all the dirtybird guys like Claude and Worthy and Christian. Lopazz was also amazing when DJMAG came last December.

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