Real Talk w/ Matt Kee #Part2



Photo Cred: Peter Chiapperino 


Is there a genre or sound that you are particularly feeling at the moment?

It’s funny that I’ve been DJing for 20 years (It’s my 40th birthday this month), but I’ve always been terrible with genre names and categorizing music. When people ask what kind of music I play, I joke that, “I just play the good S#&%.” But recently, I can say that I’ve been trying to round out my selection of tracks that have more of a broken beat, but that I can still play out in a house set.

 Soulgasm is a special kind of party, those that know about it, know! Talk a little about your affiliation with Soulgasm and the parties supporters?

I’ve been a resident for Soulgasm for almost 3 years. Lyanne, founder of Soulgasm Hawaii, is a great resource for the community and I feel blessed to be a part of Soulgasm. Lyanne is a house dancer (and house dance instructor) and she is so well connected in the music and dance scenes not just in Hawaii, but worldwide. Soulgasm is a great party for people that just love to dance. Even though we’re known more for house music, we also try to bring in a lot of soul and funk and other influences too, so you’ll have people you’d normally see at a hip hop party or latin party all coming out and just being friendly and having a great time on our dance floor. And for me as a DJ, that’s awesome because it fits right in with how I like to play. We’ve got some exciting things coming up this year and I’m really looking forward to it.

 A lot of top flight DJs have played out here this year, which one’s have impressed you the most?

There was this one weekend last December for Willis Haltom’s birthday. There were parties at Asylum on Friday and Saturday nights, followed by a Sunday daytime pool party at the Queen Kapiolani hotel. The guest DJs that weekend were Christian Martin (SF) and also Butane (Berlin). Christian Martin is one of my favorite producers and that Dirtybird bass sound is very fresh, yet it also appeals to the old school freestyle/booty hip hop DJ in me. And then, Butane has a very tight technical style of techno mixing that blew me away. There’s only a few times here in Hawaii I’ll get to see DJs play like that and every time I’ve seen it, I try to take home a few new lessons.



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